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Due to the epidemic situation, some measures are put in place below, in order to be able to protect you, your loved ones and myself during the service.

I would ask you to respect them for the safety of all. 

For the Client

  • Before my arrival, please ventilate the room where the service will take place as much as possible.

  • Clean and disinfect your hands before the service starts.

  • Please keep your mask during all the service (except from makeup time).

  • Be alone in the room where the service will take place (accompanying persons are prohibited).

  • The other people (apart from bride) must also wear the mask in my presence.

For Ka Yan's Makeup Paris 

  • Wearing a mask + protective face shield

  • Disinfection of the workplace before and after the service by using disinfectant wipes.

  • Clean and disinfect hands with soap and water + hydroalcoholic gel

  • Clean and disinfect brushes and equipment between each client.

Let us show solidarity, respect barrier gestures and prevent the spread of the virus together.

Ka Yan's Makeup Paris reserves the right to refuse the service if one of above measures is not respected.

Thank You for your comprehension and collaboration.

See you soon !

Coeur et les mains
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