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without follow up


with follow up


  • 1 hairstyle (1hr ~ 1,5hrs)

  • make up  

 - false eyelashes are not including in photoshoot packages. 

   (套餐裡沒包括假睫毛, 若需要要另收費)

* What is follow up ? (什麼是跟妝)

Follow up is means your makeup artist will stay with you for keeping an eye on your styling and doing some touch up when there is need, change hairstyle or help you for your dressing up.


[Package A]

  • 1 make up + 1 hairstyle (2hrs)


[Package B]

  • 1 make up (1hr)


[Package C]


[Package D]

  • morning&evening make up + hairstyle


[Trial Services]


  • make up + 1~2 hairstyles 

(1個妝容 + 1~2個髮型)


  • 1~2 hairstyles  


[Package A]


make up + hairstyle (2hrs)



*(4hrs follow up) 


[Package B]


make up + hairstyle (2hrs)



*(6hrs follow up)